Angel Art and Scarves

Soolatrea Hand Knitted Doll (limited edition)

Victoria Mary Clarke

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This angel is Soolatrea and she wants to help you to get past the crap and the nonsense that we can spend time and energy on and get you straight to the heart of you and your own life and your own path and your own magic and power and creativity and possibilities. She reminds us that we can get very easily distracted by thinking about what other people are doing or not doing or thinking or saying or dealing with. It is human nature to be interested in other people but it takes discipline and focus and discernment to identify what is our business and what is not our business and time spent judging and criticising what other people are doing with their lives does not serve us to access our own power or to live from our highest possible vibration. She wants to help us to filter out all the noise and chatter and whatever is irrelevant so that we can pay attention to what we need to be doing and saying and hearing and creating . Ask her to help you when you find yourself procrastinating or getting distracted by other people’s stuff. You will know when you are back on track when you start to feel really alive even if it’s outside your comfort zone!