Kailatrea Angel Print

This angel is Kailatrea and she is here to help us to turn around and look inwards and upwards for the feeling of safety and serenity and peace and relief of being cherished and held and supported.

She says that she can help us to make a habit of tuning in instead of tuning out. It’s very tempting to open your eyes in the morning and reach for your phone to see what has been happening while you were asleep but she is asking us to take a few minutes before we do that just to let ourselves get all of our energy into the here and now where we can feel everything that we feel and get centred and fully connected and conscious before we let our shopping list minds take over and start making lists of everything that we need to do and all the problems that need solutions.

She is asking us to ask her for her support and help to stay still and silent even for a short while just to give ourselves a chance to be guided to the right action and inspiration for the day ahead.

When we do this we have access to far more wisdom and intuition and guidance and energy than we do when we hit the ground running!

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