Allumatrea Hand Knitted Doll Limited Edition

Victoria Mary Clarke

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 Allumatrea she wants to tell us that our minds will never be satisfied with what we have and with how the world is but we can use the dissatisfaction to help us to become aware of where our vibration is at and when we are feeling the dissatisfaction we can make it our intention to shift our consciousness and raise our frequency so that we can not only feel and know the perfection of our selves and our situations but also become magnetic to more love and beauty and harmony and joy and kindness and bliss just because that is where we are at. Allumatrea reminds us that we are being very supported now by the angels and light beings and guides to easily shift our vibration and that we don’t need to judge ourselves for what we are feeling even if we are frustrated and annoyed with ourselves for not feeling how we want to feel! The feelings that we have are just like a map of our consciousness and we can use them as long as we don’t decide to get stuck in them

She is hand knitted with love in Ireland and she is an edition of one!