Angel Channelling August 11 at Tara

Victoria Mary Clarke

This is the first in a series of live angel channelling events designed to help you to access the frequencies of joy, abundance, harmony, health, creativity, flow, purpose, ease and bliss in your everyday life no matter what challenges you are experiencing. 
in a very intimate group of no more than twelve people, at the Tara Open Studio and on the  powerful sacred site of the Hill of Tara, you are invited to come and join us in discovering how each person in their own unique way can channel the beautiful frequencies of ascension and the 5D reality in such a consistent and stable manner that we can find harmony and serenity and inner guidance, wisdom and knowing no matter how turbulent the world around us appears to be.

We will be engaging with the energies of the sacred hill and the various beautiful beings who are offering us their assistance. We will spend time exploring the different challenges that we are currently facing in our own lives and discovering the new perspectives that are being offered to us now to transform and transmute the old and outdated perspectives so that we can become more of who we really are and hold these new energies for the rest of the world.

We will explain and explore channelling for yourself so that you can develop your own practice and enrich and enhance your own life and soul mission.

This is the first time that I have offered this workshop and I am excited to work with you if you are drawn to this beautiful work and if you feel inspired and excited 😆 about working with me. 

We will start at 7.30 and end at 9.30. Please bring a notebook with you and loose, comfortable clothes suitable for the outdoors. 

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