Come to the Tara Open Studio, at the sacred Hill of Tara in Co Meath for a live angel channelling session to help you to access frequencies of pure love and joy, healing, creativity, prosperity and compassion, as well as guidance, wisdom and clarity. 

You will be invited to ask for anything that you would like to manifest or create in your life, and we will join forces together and with the angels to align you with the frequency of your desires and your highest potential timeline.  A shift into bliss that you can take with you into your daily life, so that you can connect with the angels no matter what else is going on!

This is a live event at the Tara Open Studio, starting at 4pm until 6pm

Here are a few of the testimonials from people who have attended!

“I recently attended an Angel channelling session with Victoria Mary Clarke as I was experiencing some anxiety and worry due to changing circumstances and I felt like it might help. I can only say my expectations were not only met but vastly exceeded! Victoria has such a lovely and intuitive way of getting you to really look at what it is you seek guidance on and then leads you on the most magical session which honestly feels restoring in the best possible way. I felt rested and blessed with a calmness of mind I had not felt in weeks. I am delighted to have found Victoria’s Angel channelling sessions and will certainly be revisiting her.” Barbera, artist.

‘Victoria creates a very relaxed and comfortable environment, and the session seems to attract lovely people. Since the subject matter can be quite alien to most people you encounter in your day to day life It is refreshing to be with a like minded group where you feel safe to really be yourself. Sitting in a circle we get to interact and get to know each other and learn from each other. Before channelling the angels we express what we hope to get from the session, which is really helpful at focusing on what you really need help with and brings more clarity to your life just by taking a moment to reflect. During the channelling we all pool our energy and connect as one to the other dimension where we can access pure love energy and the angels. Victoria initials and guides us with this as we relax and close our eyes. It is similar to a guided meditation. Working as a group like this, giving and receiving, reminds you that we are all connected which is healing in itself. Once the angels connect and we are encased in a very high frequency energy, you can feel it fizzing throughout your body in the most magical and uplifting way. This place is where our true self resides and it feels like home. Pure contentment and bliss. You leave feeling as though you are floating on a cloud, with a new outlook on how to deal with any issues you are having in life. This session extends out to people that didn't even attend as anyone you interact with receives this higher energy coming from you as long as you carry it. You also deal with people in a more caring, uplifted way.’ Veronica, art director

I'm so grateful to you Victoria for sharing the angels messages with everyone. The world around us is so full of stress and uncertainty it's really nice to have something deeper to connect with. The peace I feel during the meditation stays with me long afterwards and when I start to feel overwhelmed by daily life I just take a few breaths and connect back into that energy and find that feeling of peace again. Amazing things have happened since I started going to the meditations, fears have been stripped away and opportunities that I never would have dreamed of are coming into my life. It might sound a bit airy fairy but knowing that the angels are there to guide me has given me the courage to chase my dreams.' Charlene Reiki therapist

Tara Open Studio

A 4-min walk from the Hill of Tara

Address: Castleboy, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, C15 AVY8

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