Luminatrea - Baby Onesie


Our baby onesies are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and are available in five different sizes.   All baby onesies are machine washable.  

This angel is Luminatrea and she is an angel to help us to effortlessly raise our frequency to the higher vibrations of bliss,  peace, love, joy, creativity and compassion, all the stuff you want to feel when you are dressing your baby!. 
 She asks us to drop all effort to try and control how we feel and drop all effort to be anything or feel anything. Just focus on her and let her do the work! She is emitting a frequency which can transmute lower vibrations without you having to know what they are or where they came from and you don’t have to do anything except let yourself go, let yourself surrender all the stuff you don’t want and let the frequency be raised so that you can come back to your real self and your effortless joy that is not affected by what is happening to anyone and which is bigger and more powerful than anything else

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