Opening to the Flow of Abundance February live course

We all thrive and feel more alive when things that we desire are flowing in our lives.  We are like the plants that grow strongest when they have enough water and sunshine and the best environment to flourish. 

As humans, we quite often feel cut off from the flow of abundance in our lives, and we can feel that we are just scraping by, always just getting enough of what we need, but not always feeling an abundance of everything that lights us up and makes us flourish and bloom and radiate joy! 

Maybe we have limiting ideas about how much we deserve, how much we should have, how much is even possible for us, even though we can see that other people do attract endless prosperity, endless support and endless opportunities.  We can feel a lot of frustration and hopelessness if none of the good stuff seems to be flowing itself to us!

For some of us, we can be in the flow at times, and everything can be effortless and joyful and we can be getting all kinds of great opportunities and prosperity and clarity and abundance and synchronicities coming our way and then for no apparent reason it can suddenly stop!  And it can even feel as if we go into reverse gear!

When we can align our energy and remove any blocks to the flow of abundance, we allow ourselves to experience an overflowing of love and of prosperity, of vitality, of opportunities, of ideas, of support and guidance, of recognition and encouragement and success and  gratitude.  It feels REALLY GREAT to feel that the Universe is supporting us every step of the way, and to feel that we are in the flow and in the zone and fired up and unstoppable!

The angels are excited to offer to help us with this.

They wish us to know that it is for the highest good of all of us when we can learn to get in the flow of abundance and to flourish and thrive because we become far more effective and powerful and we have a lot more to offer the world when we are receiving everything that we need.

They also wish to help us to understand that the more love we can allow ourselves to experience FOR OURSELVES the more love we can radiate to the world around us.

This course will help you to identify in which areas of your life you could experience more of the flow of abundance, and to uncover whatever is in the way, what blocks you might have to abundance in these areas of your life.  Blocks can just be ideas, programs, beliefs, negative or limiting thoughts that habitually take you out of alignment and limit what you can experience and be open to consistently in your life.

This is a four week LIVE course taking place at the Oscailt Centre on Pembroke Road in Dublin 4 on FRIDAY evenings  FEB 3, FEB 10 FEB 17 FEB 24 from 7 until 9pm.  


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