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Upgrade Your Life With the Angels Online Course

Upgrade Your Life With the Angels

This is a brand new opportunity to work with me personally one to one on zoom over four sessions to make a major shift and upgrade every area of your life.  I have limited spaces, so it will be first come first served! 

We will work together on

  • Raising your vibration to connect you with the frequencies of love, joy, healing, creativity, abundance, purpose, vitality, prosperity, compassion and clarity.  We will show you how to align yourself in your everyday life with the highest possible potential for you at this moment, and assist you in tracking your frequency throughout your day, finding where and why it drops and helping you to get back on your high flying disc!
  • We will send healing and upgrades to your ancestral lines and to your past, finding areas of disharmony or discord and raising their vibration
  • We will lighten the energy in your personal and career relationships to give you understanding and clarity and to create more harmony and compassion
  • We will work on self love, self acceptance and self confidence so that you can come to cherish yourself and to allow yourself to feel loved and lovable
  • We will help you to open to receive all of the blessings that are your own heart’s desires for you
  • You will connect with your own guides and angels, and learn to tune in to them and to receive guidance and support in your life
  • You will work with energy to harmonise future events in your life and to release limiting beliefs, doubts and fears so that you can move forward and shine your light!

We can schedule the sessions as soon as I receive your payment.  I am looking forward to working together!!!

' Victoria Mary Clarke's Angel Channeling sessions over ZOOM are beyond my expectations! 

Victoria has provided me with such a fun, nurturing and mind expanding experience. 
She and the Angels have already transformed my life at only half way through our course!!!  
Victoria's energy is SO beautiful and kind as she gently nudges you to let go and trust the process.
I want to jump on a plane to Dublin to give her a Thank You hug in person!' Tamara Annis Bennett

' Wow things are shifting so fast , I love it!!! The meditation is helping so much I found the smell I’ve been looking for to connect with angels just need to tweak it a bit. Between imagining my happy place like you taught me, to the candle being lit I’m in my happy happy place, never have I been there in my life. Life changing,  you are incredible you helped me find peace. I hope to help people one day like you have with your gift to so many people. ' Michele Mc Grath

Loved working with Victoria and the Angels ❤️ Got so much out of the course from the very first session. Already experiencing some great changes and transformation implementing what she shared. Highly recommended. The sessions were definitely the highlight of my week.  Lisa Chalmers

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