About Victoria's Angels

I am an Irish artist/designer specialising in vibrational art for healing and uplifting spirits.
After being drawn to visit a channelling teacher called Lita De Alberdi at the School of the Living Light in England, in the early 1990s I began to channel angels in the form of written messages, and to give angel readings and workshops. I then went through a period of severe depression and total life upheaval which had me feeling suicidal, and I turned to the angels for help. I began to get life coached by the angels every day until I was fully recovered. The angels guided me to create a truly joyful life, in ways that I could not have possibly imagined, by changing my energy, raising my vibration, opening my heart, helping me to connect with people in ways that were healthy and fun and loving, whereas I had been very aloof, isolated, paranoid and self conscious. They pushed me out of my comfort zone into writing for newspapers and magazines, public speaking, broadcasting, becoming a yoga teacher and forming beautiful relationships. They also helped me to develop a new self image and even self love and acceptance, as well as changing my relationship with food, and helping me to get fit and healthy.

In 2009 I published a book called Angel In Disguise, which was based on the guidance that the angels gave me and how each of the lessons had worked out. It was recommended by Kate Moss whose wonderful cover quote simply said 'It's F***ING BRILLIANT'

Recently I began to be guided to paint the angels, which I do with a combination of inks and acrylics. Some of them I have also had digitally printed onto silk scarves. Each angel image has a unique frequency and each one has a particular healing gift. I began to paint them quite suddenly, and found myself painting them almost ritually, every morning. Sometimes it can take me a few days to receive the messages and the names. The guidance that I have got is that each angel is a download of a particular aspect of our multidimensional selves and they come in order to help us with our ascension and evolution into more loving, compassionate, co-operative, conscious and powerful beings. They are here to help us to upgrade! As I paint them, I stick them on my walls and they seem to work on me energetically, so that I am more confident, more loving, more connected and more purposeful.