About Victoria's Angels

I have been talking to angels and getting advice and guidance from them for 25 years now (I wrote a book of Angel advice called 'Angel In Disguise') and the more I do it the less I understand how exactly it works, I just know that it does work!  When I ask for guidance, I get a feeling of safety and certainty and a feeling of being wiser than I know myself to be consciously.  When I ask for guidance for others there is always a strong feeling of love and compassion.  So far, they have not failed to guide me well and recently they guided me to start painting them, which I am now doing.  The angels that I paint each have their own frequency and their own specialities and their own messages.  Some of them have now become silk scarves, so that you can wear the frequency that you need, as you go about your day, and to help you to focus on their energy and their guidance.