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Upgrading Your Thoughts With the Angels online course October 2023

Upgrading Your Thoughts With The Angels

This is a channelled course which the angels have guided me to facilitate.  This is their description of the teachings.

‘This course is designed to raise your vibration on a daily basis so that you can align with more joy, love, abundance, wisdom, clarity, vitality and harmony in your life.

The heart, when it is open and receptive, is able to receive blessings and abundance effortlessly.  When you are feeling overjoyed and blessed and full of gratitude and appreciation, more and more good things can flow your way and more importantly, you can let them in.

When your heart closes and you feel small and powerless and anxious and fearful, you will find that the flow of goodness can slow down or even stop completely and appear to go into reverse gear!

All day long, you are opening your heart a little bit and closing it a little bit.  Every time that you see or hear or even taste, smell or feel something that you enjoy and appreciate, your heart opens up to allow it to be felt more strongly.  Every time that you experience something that is unpleasant or distasteful or uncomfortable, you subconsciously close your energy to it, so that you don’t feel too much of it.  When you are extremely closed off in the heart, you can become depressed and hopeless and feel no joy in your life.

It is not the actual situations, events, tastes, smells or feelings that cause your heart to close.  It is the thoughts and ideas that you have about them.  You are having thoughts all day long, about everything that you experience.  Many of you are meditating regularly and having a break from constantly getting involved in the thoughts.  But for most of you, while you are not meditating, or otherwise staying present and in the flow, your thoughts are constantly distracting you and calling for your attention.

If you experiment with imagining something happening that you truly love and enjoy, it is possible for you to notice an immediate change in your energy.  You notice a change in how you feel, when you choose a thought that is very pleasing to you.  And equally, if you choose a disturbing thought, you will notice that your energy drops and you can feel tired and drained.

Most of you have sequences or patterns of thinking that are habitual.  For example, you may have repetitive thoughts about situations in your life that you are unhappy with, and you are reminded about them at times, which triggers similar thoughts that don’t seem to get resolved.  You might find that certain people or places or situations consistently lower your energy and make you feel less optimistic or powerful or joyful.  The weather, the environment, the housing crisis, the economy, your health or the health of a loved one, your finances, your career, your romantic life, your relationships and so on.  Many of you become uneasy when you tune in to media or social media.  

You might have ideas about things that you would love to create or manifest in your life, things that you would like to experience.  But because your energy is being consistently lowered, you might find that these things seem far away or difficult or even impossible to create and magnetise into your life.

In order to maintain a high vibration, and to keep your heart open and your energy receptive to love and to things that you love and to joy and harmony and abundance, you need to pay attention to the things that take your energy or affect your energy and lower your vibration.  It is a bit like having a leak in your fuel tank, you find yourself running out of energy to have enthusiasm for your projects, because you have become disconnected from your source and supply!

We are here to offer you this opportunity to bring light and awareness to the ways in which your mind distracts you from that which you love and desire in your life.  We will join our energy with you to assist you in finding these patterns of thinking and in raising their energy into the highest possible ideas and creations for your joy, and for your true self to manifest.  As you deliberately and consciously and with the utmost compassion shine the light of unconditional love on the energy of your thoughts, you can allow them to evolve into their highest expression.  Working together in a small group, holding the intention to embody more of your Soul’s truth and beauty, you will experience powerful transformation, if you are ready and willing to do so, with openness and curiosity and creativity.

We love you and we look forward to working with you!’ 

Some feedback from participants of the first course:

'Victoria, I really would like to thank you for our first session. 
The journey that “brought me to you” has been an incredibly beautiful, happy and enriching one: since its start 3 years ago it never stopped and I am very grateful for it. 
I fell in love with your clever, witty, funny, ironic, true, honest and SOULFUL writing in the first place, then I discovered the positive thoughts you can light in me: I found all these things in you also “by person” the other day and I was mesmerized.
You shine bright, beautiful Victoria, and I feel lucky to have “met” you.'
Laura from Italy.

This is the second Victoria Mary Clarke Angel Channeling Course I have taken.
I have been experiencing a massive transformation in my daily life! 
Victoria has guided me with tools to immediately shift away from negative feelings to feelings of pure LOVE! These teachings have relieved me from drama and wasting my life energy on non constructive patterns.
The icing on the cake has been discovering the commonality and support between myself and the other students from different parts of the world. 
This course has been a wonderful experience!
Tamara Annis 🇨🇦

The next course takes place on Zoom over 4 sessions beginning on Sunday October 1 at 6pm BST (Ireland)

You will be guided to identify the thoughts, ideas and patterns of thinking that are lowering your vibration and to work with them as energy to transmute them into more harmonious and aligned thoughts, assisted by powerful transmissions from the angels.

Places are limited to 8 participants and recordings will be available after every session.

Cost for the course is 600 euros

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