Angel Art and Scarves

Amatrea Angel Of Self Love Print

This angel is Amatrea, I painted her a while ago but her name and message only just came through.

She is all about success but not necessarily the kind that you get from achieving goals and winning competitions.

She says that you can never feel really successful until you decide that you’re a success and no matter how much money you make or how beautiful your clothes are or how great your insta filters make you look or how many people are following you and liking your stuff, you will always feel like you need more until you make the decision to acknowledge your own success and admire and adore and cherish and respect and glorify you unconditionally just like you would if you were a beautiful little child just learning to walk and talk.

Getting a following on Instagram and getting likes and looking good are awesome and we can still enjoy the outward stuff, but this unconditional adoration of ourselves is not so easy!!!

She is here to help with it, she says just make the decision that this is what you really want and ask her to help you.

Keep looking at her picture and imagine that she is welcoming you into her arms just like you are her child and she is enraptured by your very existence! She doesn’t need you to have your makeup on or your hair done you just light up her world exactly as you are even if you slob around watching Netflix or binge on ice cream or even if you feel clueless about what to do with your life and you don’t make any money and nobody wants to hang out with you and you have never been able to like your body.

She just adores you and she wants you to feel it so much that she is reaching out to you and wants to hug you.

I know that for myself I cried when I got her message because I am just always striving to be successful and every day I feel like things get really amazing for a while when something good happens, but then it seems to all be taken away when something doesn’t happen how I want it to and I feel like a failure! In one day I can get really thrilled with myself like the other day Kate Moss asked me to send her some scarves and I was over the moon but then I didn’t sell anything in my pop up shop. Up and down!

Angel print on A3 paper - 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches, printed on luxurious 300 gsm Museum Heritage fine art paper. 

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