Angel Art and Scarves

Carratrea Angel Print signed by Victoria

This angel is Carratrea and she is an angel of Creativity and she was actually painted last year but she is only ready to give me her messages now! She wants to help us to become creative not just in our art work but in our approach to our lives and especially in manifesting our hearts desires 💕She wants us to know that we are using only a tiny amount of our power to create our own lives and we are spending a lot of time focusing on things that don’t help us to create what we want. We are spending a lot of time focusing on the stuff that we don’t like and don’t want in our own lives and in the lives of our loved ones and it is important for us to know that we can change our focus 🧘‍♀️ and experience an incredible opportunity to supercharge our own lives and fill them with excitement and prosperity and fun and blessings and love ❤️ and radiance and much much much more than we are even dreaming of! She is beckoning us to follow her and to follow our own hearts and our own desires even for a short time and see how much we can change 🙌 She invites us to really let ourselves get passionate about identifying the things that we really love love love ❤️ and really enjoy 😉 and really familiarise ourselves with the FEELINGS that we feel when we think about having what we love ❤️ and appreciating the things that we love ❤️ This energy of loving 🥰 things is powerful beyond measure and when we align ourselves with this power we feel amazing and we become effortlessly magnetic to our hearts desires and we become magical and magnificent.