Angel Art and Scarves

Hassatrea Hand Knitted Doll Limited Edition


 Hassatrea  is an angel of hope.

She reminds us that we need never be afraid to get our hopes up or ever be afraid of having our hopes crushed by disappointment.

Hope is your inner being or higher self communicating with you what is possible when you are in alignment with your own inner guidance and your greatest self.

She invites us to have hope now and to imagine and envision and create the most perfect and beautiful and wonderful and joyful outcome and resolution to the situation in which we find ourselves.

She invites us to dream like children, to let our imaginations be set free from the confines of what the media is telling us is likely or possible.

To let go of what seems realistic and to pretend that we are in charge of writing the script for the next episode and the next episode and even the whole series. What would you LOVE 💓 to have happen now? What would give you the most joy if you could wake up tomorrow morning and see a whole new story unfolding?

Let yourself dream it and stay connected to your vision, hold your own vision and your own vibration and let yourself be surprised in a good way by what can unfold

She is hand knitted with love in Ireland by Sandra O Reilly of Irish Hand Knitted dolls and she is an edition of one!