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Metatron Cashmere Scarf

This cashmere scarf is a collaboration with Frenckenberger, who are a  Swiss fashion label, founded by fashion industry veterans Terry-Ann Frencken and Nathalie Schönenberger, specialising in quality knitwear.

I was introduced to Terry-Ann and Nathalie by Johnny Depp at the Zurich film festival, he and I were both wearing the silk Metatron angel scarves at the time, and we had the bright idea of doing a cashmere version with their super deluxe light as air hand woven Italian cashmere.


This is the first cashmere Metatron scarf and it is a limited edition of only 70, each scarf is hand woven, hand screen printed and hand numbered.  We gave the very first scarf to Johnny to thank him for introducing us!

We also want to thank Kate Moss for wearing it with such panache and for showing us how unbelievably glamorous a scarf can be!

It's huge, 68" x 112" and very, very luxuriously cosy but as light as an angel!  Entirely unisex, it is perfect for keeping cosy in the great outdoors or for draping over your shoulders on a Summer evening.   Heavenly in every way!

Shipping December 2022

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