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Metatron Square Silk scarf navy

This the Metatron square silk scarf. 

For me, this angel is very much about awakening to a new way of being in the world, but not just in an airy fairy floaty conceptual kind of way, Metatron as the name suggests is powerful and strong and a fast worker!  I have been experiencing tremendous upgrades in my life since I have been channelling him/her. 

I don't get that it is male or female, rather that it is beyond gender, although the painting that I did looks female.  The vibe is most definitely transcendent. 

I feel like Metatron is writing new code for humanity and for the New Earth and if we are open to it, we can download the upgraded software for ourselves!

The Angel Metatron square scarf is made from pure silk twill, (12mm) and is hand finished.  This one measures 53cm x53cm  It is available in black, green, navy or purple

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