Angel Art and Scarves

Mysatrea Angel Print

This angel is Mysatrea and she wants to help us with creating more abundance in our lives. She reminds us that we are far more powerful than we think we are! She invites us to take a look at our lives and to notice everything that we have already created. Some of the things that we have created we might judge as not being good enough and not being exactly what we want but as we judge and criticise our lives and ourselves for not being good enough, we spend time in the vibration of not enough and not right and not good. Many of us take a look in the mirror every morning and immediately decide that we are not good enough because of the way that we look or the way that we think we look and that frustration carries over into how we look at our homes and our clothes and the weather and our loved ones and everything that we encounter and experience becomes infected like a #virus with this vibration of not enough. She invites us to take a step back and even to create a ritual or to get help to clear all of that energy of ‘not enough’ . This could mean guided meditation to cleanse the energy, @askangels has a selection of wonderful cleansing meditations. Or it could mean taking salt baths or visiting a waterfall or swimming in the sea, whatever it is that helps you to feel like you are fresh and free from prejudice and programming! Then make a commitment to reprogram your reactions to everything that you see and experience by deciding to see the beauty in everything no matter how difficult it might be. It will become easier and easier until it is an automatic response to see and appreciate beauty in your life. You may be very surprised if you ask the angel to help you with this! And you will begin to find yourself more and more in the vibration of appreciation which allows your heart to open and your mind to become more creative and intuitive and expansive and you will attune yourself with magnificence and glory and abundance and delight and you will be the party 🥳 wherever you go and people will be enchanted by your presence and receptive to your work and you will be in alignment with your own soul and purpose

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