Angel Art and Scarves

Patterned Metatron Angel - Face Mask

 The angel Metatron is powerful and strong and a fast worker!  Ever since I started to paint him/her I have been experiencing tremendous upgrades in my life, some really magical things have been happening.  Metatron wants us to know that we need never be afraid to confront our deepest fears!  We are being supported to journey inside and become aware of our own dark side and bring it into the light of love. 

We are being supported to let ourselves acknowledge all of our own self criticisms and judgements and feelings of unworthiness and guilt, shame, self loathing, resentment, envy, hopelessness and anything that is not love.

As we bring these shadow thoughts and patterns and habits and feelings into the light they can be forgiven and healed and released and transmuted into their highest expression, into love, acceptance, compassion, joy and connection.

Metatron is beyond gender, although the painting that I did looks female.  The vibe is most definitely transcendent.  Be prepared for very exciting shifts when you meditate on Metatron, or tune in to it's vibration.  This painting is the basis for the Metatron scarves as well, I love it!  

For me, this angel is very much about awakening to a new way of being in the world.