Angel Art and Scarves

Terratrea Angel Print

This angel is Terratrea and she is all about showing us how incredible and amazing we can feel when we are vibrantly healthy and experiencing the energy and excitement that it is possible for us to feel when we look after our bodies and pay attention to what they need in order to feel good, she reminds us that when we allow ourselves to connect with the natural world, spending time in nature and breathing fresh air, eating foods that have been grown organically in healthy soil, avoiding too much screen time and swimming in the sea and in rivers, exposing ourselves to the elements, dancing, laughing, running around, smelling the soil and the wind and the rain and the flowers, feeling the sunshine on our skin and loving every inch of our bodies, we realize how little we need in order to bounce around feeling fantastic and how little of what really brings us joy is to be found in comparing ourselves to other people or buying stuff we don’t need or worrying about what people think of us . She is a nature angel and she wants to help us to be more natural in order to feel more peaceful and joyful and happy

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