Hand Knitted Angel Dolls

Arranthrea Angel of Justice Hand Knitted Doll

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 Arranthrea is an angel of Justice which seems appropriate for this moment in time! Her message is ‘Justice is a state of Divine perfection that many people are struggling to achieve and as long as human beings have been in your bodies you have struggled with this concept of Justice because it actually transcends your human desires and needs in a way that requires you to stretch your very idea of YOU and of who you are. In order to experience Divine Justice you have to go beyond your limited perception not only of what is possible but also of what is. We wish to assure you and remind you that Justice is as much a part of your natural state as love ❤️ and harmony and creativity and joy 🤩 You can feel very strong desires to attain justice for yourselves and for your loved ones in the same way that you desire healing for your world because in your hearts you KNOW that Justice is a natural state and that in your Divine perfection you experience and express Justice for every being in existence and you are always evolving in the direction of this state of Bliss and oneness. But you do not need to fight battles in order to attain Justice. You need only to acknowledge your true being and your own power and to live from this perspective. Become the most harmonious person that you can be and allow all of the beauty that exists to come to your world THROUGH YOU. 

Hand knitted with love by Sandra