Hand Knitted Angel Dolls

Maylatrea Hand Knitted Doll (limited edition)

This is a hand knitted Maylatrea doll, lovingly crafted by Sandra O Reilly, one of a kind and totally unique!

 Maylatrea  wants to help us to celebrate and party on down! She reminds us that partying is a state of mind not just something that we can do at the weekends and it needs to be part of our lives if we really want to feel alive and to fully experience the joy that is possible for us. She says that partying can involve alcohol 🍷 but it absolutely doesn’t need to, we can let go of our cares and worries and let go of our inhibitions and shake it out and move our booty to the rhythms in any moment that we choose to do it and we might be desperately trying to stay serious and in control and ordered and orderly but if we just decide to let go and enjoy the party we open up to so much more of life and love than we ever thought possible that we will amaze ourselves and all it takes is to give ourselves permission and decide to party 

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