Hand Knitted Angel Dolls

Violetrea Angel Hand Knitted Doll

Violetrea hand knitted with love by Sandra.  Violetrea is an angel of transmutation. She wants us to know that nothing in our lives is fixed or solid or permanent, no matter what our story has been and no matter what we believe. She invites us to bring forward everything that we wish to transform not only in our own lives but in the world 🌎 around us and to ask and allow all of it to be cleansed and uplifted and upgraded in the Violet flames that she carries. We don’t need to work at this and we don’t need to worry about the details of the situations or problems and we don’t need to rehash our old stories or bemoan the stuff that other people are doing or not doing or anything that we don’t like, we simply invite the violet flame 🔥 to transform and transmute them and then we get out of the way and find something to distract our minds so that we don’t micromanage the situation!! At the very least if we are willing to give it a chance we will have nothing to lose but our chains! And everything to gain

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