Arresthea Painting on Canvas Medium

This is an acrylic on canvas hand painted copy of my original drawing of Arresthea, 20 inches x 30 inches. 

Arresthea and she is an angel of Ascension, she is here to help us with the transition from being aware of ourselves as human beings to the full awareness of ourselves as Divine or connected and eternal beings of light. She is excited about this transformation and she is excited about helping people with enjoying this experience and getting the most out of it! She is inviting us to become very conscious of our energy and how it varies and changes depending on what we focus on and what we think about and talk about and do. She is depicted with lots of shimmering gold rays emanating from her aura and some dark rays which are in the process of transformation. She is inviting us now to realise and remember that we are all Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses who simply happen to be playing out a role in this Earth realm. When we remember who we really are, we connect with immeasurable energy and possibilities and magic and we awaken the knowledge that we can change the energy of ANY and EVERY situation and event that we choose to focus on with our vibrations of healing and joy and love ❤️ and harmony and we can create incredible miracles with the power of our minds. Just ask her to help you to connect with your radiance and your shimmering light and see what she can do! 

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