Marratrea Angel Print

This angel is Marratrea and she is an angel of pure love ๐Ÿ’“

She is inviting us to spend a few minutes simply absorbing the frequency of pure love and allowing it to permeate our thoughts and our emotions so much that we are also vibrating at the frequency of love ๐Ÿ’“.

She wants us to pay attention to what happens to our thoughts and ideas and feelings when we do this and she offers us the guidance that staying focused on love becomes easier and easier and more and more natural and automatic the more that we practice it deliberately and when we raise our vibration in this way we affect every aspect of our lives including our bodies, our cells, our immune systems, our relationships, our financial abundance, our energy levels, our motivation and inspiration, our capacity for joy and fun and compassion and kindness and peace and serenity and for healing the world around us.

We influence our friends and families and our workmates and everyone that we come into contact with in a positive way and we contribute to the evolution of humanity into more connection and cooperation and caring and beauty and support and happiness.

You are invited to try this for a few minutes, for an hour, for a day, for a week and to observe the many changes that begin to reverberate around you like ripples on a pond that travel and keep traveling into infinity and the most wonderful thing is that it is absolutely free to do this and you donโ€™t need to go to the gym or wear special clothes to do it! Itโ€™s the most powerful tool for transformation that exists and you donโ€™t need a prescription for it.

This angel is available on my online shop and she will soon be available as a cushion and a yoga mat and a phone cover and lots of other things to keep reminding you to be the love ๐Ÿ’“ you want to experience in the world

Angel print on A3 paper -ย 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches, printed on luxurious 300ย gsm Museum Heritage fine art paper.

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