Mayatrea Angel Print

Mayatrea is an angel of healing and she reminds us that when we get sick 🤢 when we catch a cold or a flu or get an infection or a virus 🦠 or anything that causes us to feel unwell 🤧 or dis ease in our bodies there is a natural effect on how we are feeling mentally and emotionally as well and for some of us (like me) who are kind of health freaks and maybe prone to hypochondria we can get really really stressed and freaked out about being ill and we can be in a desperate hurry to get well to get rid of the illness to fight it and defeat it and overcome it and outwit it and we can feel powerless over our bodies and it can turn into a battle or even a war zone as we try the many many different remedies from the ginger/garlic/echinacea to the energy healing and the acupuncture and the antibiotics and the lemsip and the paracetamol and the hot whiskey and everything in between.

Mayatrea says that we are always able to access the part of us who is at peace and feels harmonious no matter how we are feeling physically and she says that it is this state of being at peace with whatever is happening that is paradoxically a state of healing.

Loving yourself when you’re sick and you can’t figure out how to get better, allows you to relax and feel at peace and it’s not a question of giving up and losing the battle it’s simply a question of surrendering to something much greater than your mind can control and conceive of.

She wants to help us to get out of our heads and out of the battle zone and into the oneness and the bliss that is always there and that’s where the miracle of real healing happens.

Angel print on A3 paper - 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches, printed on luxurious 300 gsm Museum Heritage fine art paper. 

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