Angel Coaching Breakthrough Session 45 minutes

This is an (online) channelled breakthrough coaching session with the angels for you, for whatever you would like to work on.

You can use the session to get clarity and guidance for any challenges that you might be experiencing, to bring to light and clear old patterns of lack or limitation or worry that might be holding you back, to help you to manifest something that you wish to create or attract, to enhance your creativity, to get guidance on your highest path and purpose, to align you with your soul's perspective, to bring yourself into resonance with more joy, love, abundance, vitality and support, or to be guided to connect with your own higher self, and your own angels and guides.  

The session can be scheduled on zoom once it has been booked

Some testimonials:

Victoria Mary Clarke's Angel Channeling sessions over ZOOM are beyond my expectations! 

This is the second Victoria Mary Clarke Angel Channeling Course I have taken.

I have been experiencing a massive transformation in my daily life! 

Victoria has guided me with tools to immediately shift away from negative feelings to feelings of pure LOVE! These teachings have relieved me from drama and wasting my life energy on non constructive patterns.

 Victoria has provided me with such a fun, nurturing and mind expanding experience. 
She and the Angels have already transformed my life at only half way through our course!!!  
Victoria's energy is SO beautiful and kind as she gently nudges you to let go and trust the process.
I want to jump on a plane to Dublin to give her a Thank You hug in person!
Tamara Annis 🇨🇦 

Dearest Victoria, 

 I write this note to express my sincere gratitude to you for what you've done for me!

I'm not sure how you came into my life except that it must have been the Angels! 

Your timing was nothing short of impeccable. 

Through knowing you and participating in your course Upgrade Your Life with the Angels, I  managed to unlock a box which had to be opened and explored;  and with your help I've done so. 

You so patiently and lovingly taught me that it's not what is/was inside the box (which I previously did not have guts to look at) thats important, but rather, it's much more important to focus on what's ahead.  You taught me to call on the Angels for their help to heal.

 You made me learn that with the help of the Angels, my life today and ahead is wonderful!Your course and your beautiful scarves (which I cherish and wear as a reminder to look at the positive in each and everything),   remind me to constantly ground myself each day by calling on the Angels.

You're an amazing woman who's example I so appreciate and strive to emulate.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Victoria!

Connie Martin

I love working with Victoria and the angels, it’s such a transformative experience. I can feel the shift with every session and the change is immediate. It’s done everything from clearing months long writer’s block to changing the way I react to stress (from low to the extreme). Things that before would have sent me straight into overwhelm and shut down mode now don’t. My default reaction has changed for the better. Everything Victoria teaches is so easy to do and it works.  

Lisa Chalmers

Victoria Mary Clarke's Angel Channeling ZOOM Sessions are incredible! 
At 2 years old, I was the very first child to have open heart surgery, I am 60 now. Once awake after the long and involved surgery, I described feeling safe after seeing a light and winged beings.
Victoria's guided meditation work has brought me back full circle to explore the Angels from my past and even learn their specific names! 
I am so grateful to Victoria and this beautiful experience.
Michele McGrath 🇨🇦

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