Gaelitrea Hand Knitted Doll Limited Edition

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Gaelitrea is an angel of inner guidance and wisdom, for when you need to know which way to go, what dreams to follow, what steps to take, where to put your energy, how to create the stuff you really want and how to solve problems and get clear on what's needed.

She brings the energy of clarity and reminds you to tune in to your heart and listen for the whispers, the nudges, the inspiration that you need.

What I feel from her very strongly is support to really follow my heart, fearlessly and with enthusiasm....she gives me strength and a sense of purpose and courage and also great clarity about following the messages and taking the steps.

Without her I would not have taken the steps to start getting these angels made, I would have felt overwhelmed and out of my depth and I would have been always second guessing this the right thing to do? Am I crazy? How do I know I am on the right tack? That sort of thing. She has been getting stronger for me the more I work with her and the more I work on getting her frequency out to the world.

For me, she got me to listen to the inner guidance that had been telling me for YEARS to start painting and to let my creativity guide me, rather than trying to control it and to let things unfold, rather than having to use my mind to work out how everything was going to work out.  And I could not have been more pleased with the way things have unfolded, particularly the response that I get from people who love the angels!

She is hand knitted with love in Ireland by Sandra O Reilly who is a passionate knitter who loves the angels.