Metatron Cashmere Cardigan

This cashmere Metatron cardigan is a collaboration with Frenckenberger, who are a  Swiss fashion label, founded by fashion industry veterans Terry-Ann Frencken and Nathalie Schönenberger, specialising in quality knitwear.

I was introduced to Terry-Ann and Nathalie by Johnny Depp at the Zurich film festival, he and I were both wearing the silk Metatron angel scarves at the time, and we had the bright idea of doing a cashmere version with their super deluxe light as air hand woven Italian cashmere.

We loved the scarf so much that we now have a cardigan and a beanie to match!

Wear the angels on your back, to always remind you to align with the frequencies of joy, love, harmony, creativity, abundance and compassion and to tune out of the frequencies and patterns and ideas that bring you down and lower your vibe!  Fly as high as you deserve to fly!!!!  Live joyfully and with grace and abandon, knowing that you are supported and held and wrapped up in the love of the angels in every moment.

The cardigan is one size, hand woven and hand printed.

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