Reenatrea Angel Print

This is Reenatrea and she is an angel of focus.

She wants to help us to focus on the things and situations that light up our lives and bring us joy, especially when we are finding ourselves being distracted by the things that bring us down and make us feel anger or frustration or sadness or hopelessness or disappointment or hurt or anything that is not uplifting.

She says that she loves us and wants to give assistance to help us to filter our thoughts, reactions and feelings in a way that is effortless and effective.

For me personally, she is being very helpful at this moment, because I have been feeling upset about all the criticism of my husband Shane and the way that he chose to perform his music on an Irish television show. I noticed that there was a huge amount of love and support and positivity but there was also some very nasty things said and I was finding it difficult not to ruminate on them and not to react and fight back!

Some of our dear friends are also being vilified and attacked on a regular basis and this has been happening for a long time, the #johnnydepp supporters will know what I mean and it can be incredibly frustrating and we can feel powerless and we can want to say nasty things and to avenge our loved ones!

This beautiful angel is helping me to love and accept all of it with a sense that the real love 💓 has always been here and always will be here and it is not affected by the opinions of people, it totally encompasses all of the myriad thoughts and feelings and actions and reactions just as if we were watching a movie and enjoying the good and nice bits and also the mean and nasty bits!

Angel print on A3 paper - 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches, printed on luxurious 300 gsm Museum Heritage fine art paper. 

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