Shailatrea Hand Knitted Doll (limited edition)

This angel is Shailatrea and she is an angel of the physical body. 

She is here to help us with loving and cherishing our bodies and she reminds us that every thought that we have about every part of us, inside and outside is having an effect which can be seen and felt and every single loving and compassionate and appreciative thought that we have is supporting our health and our energy and our pleasure in being human.

Every one of us has the occasional critical thought or judgement about our bodies and how well they perform and look and function but even though this is not something to freak out about or get obsessive about, it is also having an effect and if we continually bash our bodies with our minds we can become unwell as a result.

Shailatrea wants to support us in catching the negative thoughts and neutralising them with loving and appreciative ones whenever we notice them. We are inclined to feel bad and dejected when we are being critical of our bodies even if we are doing it in a joking way, like maybe making fun of ’pigging out’ or having a ’senior moment’ or not being able to see without our glasses or having a beer belly or a muffin top or being wrinkly or bony or whatever it that we are judging.

It might seem trivial to do this but it’s all having an effect on our actual cells! And she wants us to know that even a few minutes every day spent appreciating and loving our bodies can make an enormous impact on how we feel and how we heal !

This is a hand knitted Shailatrea doll, lovingly crafted by Sandra O Reilly, one of a kind and totally unique!


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